The Power of Content: Elevate Your Web Development with Substance and Style

February 1, 2023 (a year ago)

A subtlety of web development is the importance of content. Trying to create an amazing website without substantive content is a bit like putting lipstick on a pig.

Sure, it will look nice on the surface; but with nothing of substance, there is nothing for the user to relate to or learn from. I'm sure that you have looked up a website for a café, or a local pub, and seen a filler website. Without even contact details or images, there is no point at all to the website's existence.

Content is not just written content. In fact, image content is more important than the words. For example, a café owner should be featured on a café website -- this helps put a face to the name.

Another example is a personal website, or a branding website for a company -- the images don't even have to relate to the company, just the feel of it. Vibe is hard to determine from words alone.

If you want to work out what good image content to add to a project, or a branding website, a blog, or a cooking website, then one way can be to use for inspiration, and for images.

Or try Pinterest for inspiration. It's a unique platform. It's made up of over 60% women, and it is strikingly visual. Its grid display is so unique that it's even inspired a CSS grid layout called masonry.

Personality is key

It is important to make sure that your content speaks with a voice. A site that your creating doesn't exist in a vacuum. This applies to both serious websites, and fun websites.

A serious business voice: https://airwallex.comA serious business voice:

A playful voice: playful voice:

Content first, then make sure that your content has a personality. Even bland corporate websites have something to say. And for goodness sake, don't use a boring website theme from the 2000s. Voices change, and that voice is well out the door.

Don't do this.Don't do this.

This isn't a tenth of what I want to say, so please, bear with me. I may yet add more. Ironic that a post about content has no content.


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