Why it's never been a better time to be a developer

January 18, 2023 (a year ago)

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While the development industry may have its ups and downs, there's never been as much strive to make it as accessible and usable as possible. With the rise of AI tools, development has become even more efficient, but that doesn't change the fundamentals of why now is the best time ever to be into programming and building products.

One of the major changes in the culture of developers is the evolution of programmer communities, such as on Reddit's r/ProgrammerHumor. Five years ago, programming communities were heavily involved in inconsequential debates, and had negative traits such as gatekeeping and inferiority complexes. But over the last five years, these jokes and negative posts have become less frequent, and more and more people are becoming relatable and more human-er, regardless of background.



Another positive change is the shift towards more diverse teams, both in role and the people themselves. Companies are pivoting from only having engineer staff, to having a diverse team including designers, developers, UX/DX, product managers, business analysts, and customer support. This shift towards more diverse teams has helped to change the culture of the industry for the better.

The decline of web 3.0 and the rise of web 2.0 (RIP NFTs) is another example of how the industry is constantly evolving. Some developers did get burned by the crypto market, but the soft skills and theory used in crypto and smart contract products are the same skills that are used in financial institutions.

Overall, now more than ever, the industry is becoming more inclusive and accessible to everyday people. The technology is not the problem, it's the culture behind it, and that culture is changing for the better.

More to come.

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